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Detached, Semi-Detached, Luxury or Stacked? The Benefits Of Different Home Types

Posted by Editor on May 17, 2023

Detached Homes

A detached home is a “freehold” residence that has no common walls with any other dwellings or areas of habitation. For a family or other household that values privacy, quiet, and peace, owning a detached home tends to be a priority. The most expensive fully detached homes in the Greater Toronto Area can be found in central Toronto and other well-established areas of the city. A fully detached home is something of a status symbol in the GTA. However, more remote areas, particularly the so-called “inner suburbs” of Etobicoke and Scarborough, can be found with less expensive fully detached homes. More remote, outlying areas like Brampton and Pickering tend to have new, fully detached homes that are still in the planning stages. Although this type of housing is frequently criticized for being “sprawl,” developers continue to build them because consumers demand them. The final benefit of fully detached homes is that they appreciate well in a booming housing market.


Semi-Detached Homes.

A family home that has a shared wall with another house is referred to as a semi-detached home. This kind of property is becoming more and more uncommon, and it is mostly found in older urban areas like downtown Toronto. The promise of a larger community and better neighbors are two advantages of a semi-detached home over a fully detached one. From the standpoint of the builder, semi-detached homes are a way to share a prime location while reducing building costs, meaning that purchasing one of these homes may benefit from a fantastic local setting. Another thing to think about with semi-detached homes is shared infrastructure and potential cost-sharing with neighbors. Semi-detached generally refers to having the “best of both worlds.”.

luxury Homes.

Luxury homes are larger than average pieces of real estate that are frequently custom built with top-notch features. Luxury homes tend to be larger, which allows for more customization and room for changes. As builders prioritize craftsmanship for this building type, luxury and custom homes frequently employ the most highly skilled and specialized labor. Luxury homes frequently have high-end building materials, expansive, distinctive open spaces like kitchens with the best appliances, and “lifestyles of the rich and famous” luxuries like home theaters and indoor swimming pools. In the entire Greater Toronto Area, Drake’s mansion in the Bridle Path neighborhood of Toronto is the most notorious example of a mansion.



Although they go by the amusing name of bungalows, a bungalow is simply a one-story, detached house. In the “inner” and “outer” suburbs of the city, like Etobicoke and Scarborough, bungalows are more prevalent than they are in downtown Toronto. Bungalows are much less common today than they were in the middle to late 20th century. Despite this, bungalows are still worth considering because of their numerous advantages. A bungalow’s smaller square footage makes maintenance simple, and the open floor plan makes it a highly customizable building type. As young children are kept on one floor (the only floor), bungalows are perfect for families. Big windows and a lot of natural light are made possible by the structural design of bungalows. Bungalows are becoming fewer and farther between, which might help them maintain their value.


Luxury Townhouses.

The most constant characteristic of luxury townhomes is that they nearly always have more square footage than “regular” townhomes. Townhomes are a type of structure where residential units are constructed in rows, usually sharing walls on both sides. The interiors of luxury townhomes typically include high-end amenities like designer furnishings, premium brand appliances, and quality modular kitchens. Townhomes are becoming much more prevalent as builders are encouraged to construct more dense housing types due to the scarcity of land in the Greater Toronto Area. A luxury townhome is essentially an effort to elevate a townhome unit from the “ordinary” to justify a higher price point. The potential for a stronger sense of community is one advantage of a townhome development, especially if the builder has crafted the project in a way that supports this result.


Condo  Townhomes.

Condo townhomes are townhomes in a development where “condo” fees go toward maintaining the neighborhood or “grounds” of the larger project. In comparison to a regular townhome and most definitely to a fully or semi-detached home, the advantage of this type of townhome is that maintenance is taken care of. For home buyers who want peace of mind, features like windows and roofs as well as exterior considerations like lawn care and snow removal may be advantages. Condo townhomes have a better chance than other home types of fostering a sense of community because of their combined nature. Finally, because condo fees are factored into the overall carrying cost, buyers make smaller down payments. In general, buyers who want an affordable option with highly predictable future expenses may do best with a condo townhouse.


Stacked Townhomes.

In essence, stacked townhomes are a hybrid between a condo and a townhome. Each unit in a stacked townhouse still has its own entrance but is attached to or “stacked” with another unit. Since stacked townhouses typically have two stories, there are more options in a given development because the “top” townhome may have different features. Townhouses are a cost-effective building type in general, and by “stacking,” stacked towns make the most of limited space. In the Greater Toronto Area, brand-new pre-construction stack townhomes are now a typical type of development. For purchasers looking for a built form compromise, this is an intriguing building type to take into account.


Freehold Townhouses.

Freehold townhomes are generally attached on both sides like typical townhomes, but other than that, they are just like freehold homes and do not require a management fee. Due to their affordable overall and monthly costs, freehold townhomes are desirable. The fact that owners of this kind of real estate have more freedom to make changes to their unit without seeking approval from a development body may be its biggest selling point.

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