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Home Improvement Tips to Sell Home

When it comes to listing and marketing your home it is clear that everyone would like to walk into a home that is perfect for them. In order to achieve this, it is ideal to home stage your property. The home staging process can simply be summed up by cleaning you home, removing excess objects, making your home appeal to various types of preferred styles and so forth. Further we will elaborate on some tips on how to get your home sold faster with the technique of property improvement.

Interior of Home:

  • Open space in foyer
  • · Remove as much personal content as possible
  • · Fresh paint
  • · Fix any broken screens
  • · Repair any problematic doors, windows or locks
  • · Bright and open concept is preferred, try to stick with light colours, or something easy to paint over.

Exterior of Home

  • · Maintain a clean porch
  • · Make sure the doorbell works
  • · Freshly painted door
  • · Maintain a clean and organized yard
  • · Fix any broken or damaged windows
  • · Clean out the garage
  • · Power wash exterior of home, including driveway

Space Efficiency

  • · Remove excess furniture that takes up space
  • · Re-arrange furniture or anything that consumes space into more open areas to reduce cluster
  • · Try to make surroundings in each room, rather than place things in the middle in order to project the full square footage

Surface Cleaning

  • · Ensure appliances are in pristine condition
  • · All grime in bathrooms cleaned
  • · All kitchen and washroom sinks completely cleaned
  • · Professionally steam clean carpets or remove them
  • · Remove all pet odors or stains


  • · Clean furnace or ducts
  • · Oil any squeaky doors or hinges
  • · Replace burnt out light bulbs
  • · Resolve any odd noises within the house
  • · Sand or replace flooring

Pre-Showing Preparations

  • Have all required lights on
  • · Make sure doors are open
  • · Have all toilet seats down
  • · Make sure curtains are open
  • · Have fireplace, if you have the option
  • · Ensure heating or air conditioning is adequate depending on the weather

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