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Why Should You Invest In Oshawa Real Estate?

Investors shouldn’t discount Oshawa. Amazingly, this is the only Ontario city that sits on the shoreline of Lake Ontario. That means it’s considered prime real estate. But that doesn’t automatically equate to paying premium prices for new condos in Oshawa.

The key is to work with a reputable source, a company with experience and integrity. That’s what Parkhomenko offers. This organization features many prestigious new condos in Oshawa, and the Charlotte Condos is just one example of luxury meeting affordability.

This property, scheduled for occupancy in 2022, will fit perfectly with existing structures in the area. When complete, the development will boast six stories that accommodate 59 residential units. While much smaller than a lot of other buildings, many people feel this makes the condominiums more charming.

The small size is not what people expect. Ultimately, the building will offer one, two, and three-bedroom new condos in Oshawa. While the smaller ones will have 552 square feet, the layout of the three-bedroom units is surprisingly spacious at 1,593 square feet.

That’s just one example of what Parkhomenko provides. Another is the Symphony Towns. Occupancy for this property will start in 2022. With so many exciting design elements, it’s no wonder that investors have already started talking about these new condos in Oshawa.

When completed, the building will have 212 units. Two of the coolest aspects of this project are that the property will sit on 13 acres and that the area is already established. Surrounded by major infrastructure, residents will have no problem commuting to and from work or school.

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