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Selling Process in a Nutshell

When dwelling on one of the thousands of reasons you are selling your home, there is one common goal all Sellers share: Getting the Most Money for Your Home. Along with getting the most money, it sure is nice to have a quick and stress free sale.

There are certain questions a Seller must ask themselves in terms of why they have a desire to move. Such as; Are you Downsizing? Are you Upsizing? Is My Home to Far from Work? Do you want a Change of Scenery? Are you Looking for a Better Investment? By knowing your reasons you allow yourself more ease on the house sale of the house as well as a better understanding when starting a search for your new home.

Should I Sell First or Buy First?

The answer to this questions is always complex, considering if you purchase your desired home and don’t end up selling in time you may be forced to juggle two mortgages. Or in another instance you may sell your home and not find your next home, you may end up without a house at the date of completion for your sold home. This is of course if there was no possibility of arranging an amendment to the contract between the seller or buyer, depending on the circumstance.

In order to simply avoid these problems, make sure you are finding the right answers to your questions. It starts with finding the correct realtor. Once you have the right realtor, make sure you are aware of what you will be looking for in terms of the end result of your completed sale, along with what you will be looking for in terms of your next move. Getting an idea of your next move is very important considering it will give your realtor and you a better understanding of timelines and current objectives.

By having an idea of your next move and having picked the right Realtor, you are now ready to sell. Other then the necessary paperwork of course.

Listing before Buying is actual more common than the other way around. During the process of selling your home, you can always start looking and depending on the market you live in, it will give different variations in terms of time to search. When starting your search you get a better idea of what is available on the market as well as how the prices will be for certain types of homes. Shortly, you will realize what you are exactly looking for.

In the mean time your agent is working hard and doing everything he/she can in order to have your home sold, as well as show you your potential new home. By having your home listed before you sell you can always put further protection in your favor when signing back an offer, simply by including a clause with anything along the lines of; conditional upon seller purchasing a new property. Of course the conditions a seller chooses to place will vary given different circumstances. This is also the same scenario for buyers, which can always include a clause of conditional upon selling your home. Both these cases will protect you as a seller and or buyer is you chose to buy before you sold or vice versa.

At the end of the day the decision will always be the sellers, and given the market in your area the answer will always vary. And given the right agent, you will avoid being left without a home or juggling two!

Make Your House Appeal to Buyers

We all believe to think that our home is the best and is worth being sold for the highest price. These factors are subjective, whereas your Realtor will be able to provide you with a factual analytic of what your home is worth. Of course this will extend to the current state of the home as well as the current relevant market. To sell your home for more than it is worth, the seller must understand that their home is now being promoted to a buyer. As a buyer your interests are also different which is why sellers need to focus on preparing the home for the eyes of a buyer.

In certain circumstances the seller may be trying to appeal to a certain buyer. If that’s not the case, your home must be at its best. Either your Realtor or their home stager will be able to provide you with suggestions as what to do and not to do when showing the property. Beyond this the homes condition must be presented at its best, which is what your Sales Representative should be trying to achieve to have your home sold for the highest price and as quick as possible.

Advertising and Showing Your Home

First things first, have your home on a MLS! The only way to have this done is to have your home represented to sell by a Sales Representative. By having your home on a MLS service you are enabling your home to be shown to tens of thousands of Realtors and other professionals. Through this you are ensuring that your home is receiving more showings, more activity and in general attracting more interest, and by doing so providing better odds to have your home sold for a price you expected as well as in a timely manner.

Next would be the showings, as well as the open house. In order to have this process apart of your home there are a few things the Realtor as well as the home owners must do. A few being the preparation of house marketing material by the Sales Representative, in order to provide adequate amounts of information to buyers and their agents. Including, utilities costs, tax, room measurements, home details etc. Having such is proven to make your house more favorable when a buyer is deciding between your home or another.

Secondly, would be the seller complying to time arrangements such as showings and open houses.

By allowing more showings you are giving in to higher odds that the right buyer can be any of the scheduled showings. Aside from this the Open House process is also just as effective if not more. Even though the Open House process usually is not the most pleasant of experiences, during the sale process it is still much worth the extra stress. Again luckily you have your Realtor there to guide all traffic and take care of the home for a few hours of the week. By having the accessibility of an open house you are permitting people with any interest who see the marketed home to come in and take a look. Again this only increases your odds of finding the right buyer.

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