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The Offer Process

When the process to produce an offer has come, we will provide you with all the current market analytics and with our team’s experience we will also be able to guide you with suggesting on how to go about in certain scenarios.

As your Sales Representative we will present the Offer to Purchase, to the seller or Listing Agent, on your behalf and stand by the process until there has been a deal made.

The Offer to Purchase will be presented to the listing agent or seller at the first possible chance.
In response, there are various options the seller can reply with. Such as: accepting the offer, counter offering or rejecting the offer. The offer process may sometimes be extended over a few days to it going back in forth, when both parties are trying to come to an agreement and close the deal.

There Are Two Types of Offers


This means within the offer the buyer has placed certain conditions with timelines prior to making the offer firm. Such as; arranging a mortgage, subject to home inspection, acquiring land survey etc. Effectively a conditional offer will not be a complete Purchase of Sale until all conditions have been waived.


This means that the buyer has produced a presentable offer containing no conditions. Without the conditions and the offer is accepted, this means you have purchased a property!

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