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Top 20 in Canada – Kate Parkhomenko

Top 20 Up & Coming Real Estate Professionals in Canada – NWM

Newsfile Corp.

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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – October 31, 2020) – The real estate industry has experienced a multitude of changes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. One theme that has held true throughout all the professionals in the industry is that their commitment to helping people achieve their goals is unwavering, and not even the shifts in the industry will stop them.

Next Wave Marketing has put together a list of what they believe to be the Top 20 Up & Coming Real Estate Professionals in Canada who will talk about their business, success, and future endeavors. Follow along with their journey and learn more about their inspiring stories.

Top 20 Up & Coming Real Estate Professionals in Canada – NWM

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#1 Chas Woodyer

Chas Woodyer is a Real Estate Professional at Angell Hasman & Associates, a real estate company operating in West Vancouver and North Vancouver in Canada. Chas was born in London and moved to the United States in 1988, and later moved to Canada with his family where he resides now. With a background in investment banking, Chas has traveled to more than 25 different countries, establishing valuable connections across the world to best serve his clients. His international experience and commitment to his community tie together perfectly in establishing a diverse and well equipped network of both clients and colleagues. Chas utilizes his network to deliver cutting-edge, first class service to his clients from the moment they step into his office to the closing of the deal. Chas’s expertise and utilization of the tools at his fingertips which is demonstrated by his sales of over $40 million in the first few years of his career. The Real Estate Market in Vancouver is a very dynamic place with people from all over the world, creating a great opportunity for Chas to help as many individuals as possible. The market in Vancouver has seen incredible growth considering the state of the world today. The COVID-19 pandemic has created huge uncertainty and difficulties for many industries in the world, however, the real estate market in Vancouver has grown immensely. Despite the pandemic, demand for real estate in Vancouver has increased significantly, creating a very busy market and period for Chas and his company. Using this to his advantage, Chas has capitalized on the opportunity to sell more properties at premium prices in a time where much of the world is shut down due to the virus. Forcing him to work diligently and more efficiently than ever, Chas has grown personally from the pandemic, and is showing no sign of slowing down. Moving forward, Chas is looking to expand his presence in the community to best serve his clients, as well as, continue to always prioritize his clients’ needs above everything else. To learn more about Chas Woodyer and Angell Hasman & Associates, click here.

#2 Kate Parkhomenko

Kate Parkhomenko is the Sales Representative at The ParkHOMEnko Real Estate Team, which is a real estate team that serves the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding neighborhoods in Canada. Kate grew up in Russia and worked her way from nothing to a five-star real estate agent. She specializes in residential properties and platinum condominium preconstruction investments, representing both buyers and sellers. As an investor herself, Kate’s expertise allows her to help her clients make the best possible decisions when it comes to buying or selling properties, which has helped her build an extremely reputable name and a large client referral base. Kate has been awarded the Prestige Club Award, as well as the Platinum, Gold and Top Sales Award with various Builders and Marketing Companies. The ParkHOMEnko Team is in the Top 5% of real estate professionals in Canada and can speak 6 different languages, helping them serve an even bigger client base. Her personability and passion for building relationships has helped her perform on many business fronts to which she has been rewarded. Kate believes that a happy client is the true meaning of success in her line of work, and she prides herself on creating a friendship on top of the business partnership with the people she works with. Kate and The ParkHOMEnko Team guide their work with consistency, persistence, communication, and transparency to ensure that every client is informed and content from start to finish. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on many industries in the world and in Canada. With technologies shifting to create a more virtual process and real estate maintaining its status as a safe tangible investment, Kate’s biggest accomplishment at The ParkHOMEnko Team has been continuing to produce numbers that will result in a record-breaking year in 2020 for the team. In the foreseeable future, Kate and her team are looking to open their own brokerage firm to expand their expertise to help buyers, sellers, and other agents in the industry. To learn more about Kate Parkhomenko and The ParkHOMEnko Team, click here.

#3 Josh Buchanan

Josh Buchanan is a member of the Rossman Team, which is based out of Orillia, Ontario. Josh and The Rossman Team put their customer experience as a top priority, and have many raving fans as result! They focus on generating results by using service and marketing strategies that are proven to work. Josh Buchanan has been thriving in the industry, and is proud of the relationships he has built with his clients that will lead to lifelong connections. Josh evaluates the real estate market as ever changing, and feels lucky to be aligned with a brand that is willing to adapt to whatever market climate they are currently in. Whether in a buyer or sellers market, Josh and the Rossman Team believe that they can help everyone achieve their Real Estate goals. Since making Orillia his home, Josh has fallen in love with the people, local businesses, the character of the city, and lifestyle the area has to offer. Having faced many obstacles thus far, Josh welcomes the opportunity to meet new people and create new relationships. He strives to show homeowners that he can make the stressful process of buying or selling easier! As for what is next for Josh and the Rossman Team, his goal is to not only grow his business within the team, but to share what he has learned with some of the newer agents so that they can also achieve their goals. Part of the culture code at the Rossman Team is that there is always a better way, and they will relentlessly pursue a better experience for all of their clients. Josh and the team believe that doing the right thing is always the right thing, and will always prioritize clients’ needs ahead of their own. To learn more about Josh and The Rossman Team, and to follow along with their future endeavors, click here.

#4 Rozenblat Realty Group

White-glove client service, ingenious marketing strategies, record-breaking sales deals make the Rozenblat Realty Group one of the top-producing & most recognized real estate names in Montreal, Quebec. They are a Lifestyle company recognized as leaders in both sales & marketing of Montreal’s Luxury Real Estate market with a portfolio that includes residential & commercial properties as well as large-scale projects. Rozenblat Realty Group’s strength derives from the company’s ability to define a market and its needs, as well as passionately deliver exceptional consumer experiences. “Word of mouth is the most important kind of marketing,” Anita says. “It makes up 90 percent of our business.” The team of four brokers including Anita B. Rozenblat CEO, Jacob Strich, Brittney Rozenblat & Taylor Rozenblat have worked with some of the top renowned developers and continue to cater to a high end clientele. Rozenblat Realty has established themselves as major players in an industry that often takes decades to crack. The Rozenblat Realty Group recognizes the importance of marketing and staying active on social media when evaluating the Real Estate industry in 2020. Their agency has been active for the past ten years and have most recently welcomed Taylor Rozenblat., with Taylor’s wealth of resources, connections, knowledge and hard work, it’s no wonder she has built a powerful network of followers & clientele. As for what is next for Rozenblat Realty Group, they’re in discussion of expanding into the U.S. Market. To learn more about Rozenblat Realty Group and their future endeavors, click here.

#5 Austin Yeh

Austin Yeh is the Founder of RISE Network, a real estate networking community located in the Greater Toronto Area and currently owns 20 properties in both the GTA and Windsor. At the age of 23 years old, he purchased his first real estate property in Windsor, Ontario with plans to maximize cash flow, strategically renovate the property, and ultimately refinance to withdraw his cash investment. After refinancing his first property, Austin realized the power of real estate investing as a wealth builder and a means to achieving financial independence.His approach to purchasing investment properties is to acquire undervalued properties and perform renovations to bring the asset to its highest and best use. Following this, Austin refinances the property to withdraw the capital invested in the property and purchase another investment property to repeat the cycle. After withdrawing his investment, Austin holds these properties as cash flowing long-term buy and holds.

In his two years of investing, Austin has accumulated 20 properties and owns multi-million dollar assets under management. On top of his success in investments, Austin has also started his own podcast called RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast, where he strives to educate the everyday person on how they can get started with real estate investing and achieve financial independence.

On top of his success in investments, Austin has also started his own podcast called RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast, where he strives to educate the everyday person on how real estate investing can unlock their financial freedom and early retirement.

With a full plate, Austin is still working a corporate finance job at RBC. His drive and determination sets him apart from other people in the real estate industry, as he founded two businesses on top of working a full time job.

Austin works as a senior financial analyst at RBC, where his drive, determination and experience set him apart from others in the corporate and real estate environmentsAlthough the COVID-19 pandemic has created some opportunity for individuals in the real estate industry, Austin foresees turbulence in the near future. The pandemic has been very costly for many individuals, and Austin predicts that in the near future there will be less investors willing to purchase properties in such uncertain times. In the short term, he is prepared for less investors willing to invest capital to acquire new properties, however, in the long run, Austin is confident that the fundamentals behind purchasing real estate, performing strategic renovations and increasing the value of the property, will continue to attract investors.

Austin is looking to grow personally by inspiring the everyday individual to pursue a real estate investment to help obtain financial freedom. Coming from a lower income family, he truly believes that real estate investing has been a major turning point in his life, and he strives to help more individuals realize the secrets of real estate investing. He has committed a great deal of time to organizing meetups and events that are free to outsiders to educate them on the benefits of real estate investing through RISE Network and RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast. To learn more about Austin Yeh and the RISE Network, click here.

#6 Peter Coppard

Peter Coppard is a Real Estate Agent at Coldwell Banker Prestige Realty in Vancouver, British Columbia. Graduating from the Urban Land Economics program at Sauder, UBC, Peter is well versed in the land use, development, and planning for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. With expertise in luxury real estate, Peter is a go-to agent for many buyers and sellers in the Vancouver area. His background in land development and work experience with luxury properties help him create the best opportunities for his clients and advise them to make smart choices about their real estate investments. With an ever-evolving marketing strategy, Peter ensures each client receives the best service and representation throughout the entire process, whether it be buying or selling your property. His work ethic and personality has connected himself with top staging designers, photographers, videographers, market knowledge, a global network through the Coldwell Banker brand, and a sustained local activity, helping him provide first class service to his clients. The COVID-19 pandemic has created extreme difficulties for many businesses across the world and in Canada. Despite such challenges and changes, the real estate market in Canada has remained strong and lucrative. Lower interest rates and a decrease in supply has created an opportunity for agents like Peter to capitalize on the times and put out stronger numbers. With increased competition in the market, Peter has maintained the drive and focus to help as many clients as possible build their real estate portfolios and create long term wealth. He has worked tirelessly to expand his success throughout the pandemic and uses such times to his advantage. Adapting to a more virtual business environment has been difficult, but like any other obstacle, Peter has found a way to overcome and thrive in such uncertain times. Moving forward, Peter is looking to evolve his marketing strategy to help more clients get their homes the most visits and buyers as possible. To learn more about Peter Coppard and Coldwell Banker Prestige Realty, click here.

#7 Arman Kardi, BBA

Arman Kardi is a Real Estate professional and President of The Kardi Group, partnered with RE/MAX Crest, and based out of Burnaby, British Columbia. The Kardi Group is a full service Real Estate group, providing expertise from buying or selling one bedroom apartments to multimillion dollar properties. Arman began his career in Real Estate in 2016 at the age of 19 while studying to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Arman’s work ethic and willingness to put in extra hours each day has earned him several awards including RE/MAX’s Executive and 100% Club milestones. On top of that, he has sold more than $20 million in homes in the last 18 months and more than $50 million since his start in 2016. Faced with challenges along the way, Arman is no stranger to adversity and perseverance. When he first began his career, many people had a difficult time trusting a 19 year old with their Real Estate, but after proving he was capable of working in the business, he earned a very solid reputation. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing havoc in the world, it has resulted in historical low interest rates and increased demand for Real Estate. Adapting to new marketing techniques, hard work, and ways he can conduct business, Arman turned a bad situation into an opportunity for growth in his career. Arman has worked a long way from selling small apartments to multimillion dollar properties in the five short years he has worked in the industry. Moving forward, Arman is looking to grow his career and business. He started The Kardi Group in 2020 and plans to bring more Real Estate professionals under his wing to help him expand the business. Looking further ahead, Arman is looking to achieve more than $100 million in personal sales in the next five years and continue his passion as a Real Estate professional. To learn more about Arman Kardi and The Kardi Group, click here.

#8 Taya Day

Taya Day is a real estate Broker and owner of Taya Day Real Estate, a real estate company based in Toronto, Ontario. Taya started the company in 2012, specializing in luxury real estate properties in midtown and downtown Toronto, as well as development properties around the city. Taya has worked in the Toronto area for more than 8 years, establishing relationships and valuable partnerships along the way, enhancing her ability to sell and stay connected to valuable resources. Her network also allows her to acquire off market, private deals. Her work ethic is unmatched and she prides herself on being available to her clients at all times throughout the process to best help them. Her work ethic also earned her more than $24 million in sales last year, and the Director’s Circle Award at Harvey Kalles Real Estate. Her success has not come without hardships. One of Taya’s biggest obstacles has been the ability to manage her time. As a broker, she is forced to work with many moving parts during a transaction, and finding which one she should focus the majority of her time and energy on has been a challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic has also played a major role in her career so far. With record low interest rates and increased demand for homes in Toronto, Taya has worked tirelessly to focus on being efficient in the workplace with more work on her plate. The pandemic has taught her to be adaptable to the market and the ways she can conduct business, and has been a huge opportunity for growth both personally and professionally. Moving forward, Taya is looking to expand her career by acquiring rental properties as another source of personal income. To learn more about Taya Day and Taya Day Real Estate, click here.

#9 Darren Slavens

Darren Slavens manages the Darren Slavens Real Estate Group, and is a founder, partner and VP of Slavens & Associates Real Estate, a boutique brokerage based in Toronto. He’s an innovative and dynamic leader who’s recognized for his commitment to the community as well as his clients. Whether he’s organizing major fundraising events or running a neighbourhood Food Bank Drive, people are drawn to Darren’s enthusiasm and passion. This same energy is what makes his team so successful. Darren Slavens acknowledges that in real estate you only have one chance to make a first impression and his team works hard to ensure the first impression is spectacular. From luxury listings to starter condos they approach every property with a business plan and strategic marketing initiatives. Darren also realizes that the purchase or sale of a home is often an emotional decision. He takes his role as advocate for his clients seriously, working diligently to protect them and their assets. To ensure a smooth customer experience, Darren’s team offers full real estate services by handling every step of the process. One of the biggest obstacles most agents face in the current Toronto market is a lack of inventory. Darren’s team rises to the challenge through creative thinking, tenacity, and proactively locating off market opportunities. As for the future, Darren plans to expand his team, maintain their standard of excellence, and continue their support for the community. To learn more about Darren Slavens, his business and future endeavours, click here.

#10 Morgan Byrne

Morgan Byrne is the founder of For Sale By Morgan, a dynamic Real Estate team based out of the Greater Toronto Area. She understands that navigating the market in this challenging time can be difficult and that is why you need a true professional on your side. The For Sale By Morgan team uses their extensive knowledge of the market combined with a flair for social media to bring something new and unique to every deal.

Morgan’s main goal is to provide all clients with more than just a great transaction, but to create generational wealth as well. She learned her amazing strategies coming from a family of real estate investors, as is a proud third generation Realtor.

Some of Morgan’s biggest accomplishments in her career thus far have been being awarded the ReMax Hallmark Rising Stars Award in 2018, being an Airbnb Superhost, and having spent almost ten wonderful years investing in Ontario Real Estate.

Although the near future of the market is uncertain, Morgan remains positive and committed to finding amazing solutions for all the clients she works with.

One of the biggest obstacles Morgan has faced in business thus far has been finding a work/life balance, which has led her to understand the importance of taking time to find her zen and recharge. As for what is next for Morgan Byrne and her business, she will continue to offer irreplaceable services to her clients and constantly look for new opportunities.

#11 Carleigh Hofman

Carleigh Hofman is the founder of Carleigh Hofman Real Estate based out of Whistler, BC and Squamish, BC. Under the banner of Engel & Völkers Whistler, she combines both her past experience and contacts from living in Vancouver with her first-hand knowledge of Whistler, which she loves to call home. When doing business, Carleigh Hofman provides a level of care that goes beyond the transaction and constantly strives to create a space and comfort level for her clients to buy, sell, and live with confidence in their decision. Carleigh was destined to be in Real Estate from her first year in business, where she was awarded “Rookie of the Year.” Being a top sales agent year after year since, and a member of the Medallion Club came as a result of the very hard work and commitment she gives to her clients. Clients trust her financial acumen, design sensibility and her personable approach to a sales driven business which has given her a ton of repeat business and strong referrals. Carleigh expects the Real Estate Industry in 2020 to hold strength. More than ever, people want space, they are working more from home, and they have the flexibility to work in different places outside the city core. Luckily for her, she works in two very desired destinations. One of the biggest obstacles Carleigh has faced in business thus far has been her starting out at such a young age. She didn’t let that deter her as she found a way to use that to her advantage; bringing a fresh approach, savvy marketing and a go-getter attitude to her marketplace. Carleigh Hofman’s main goal is to do good and honest work with good people. She hopes to give back to the communities her clients reside in and inspire other people to invest in the true meaning of home. As for what is next for Carleigh Hofman, she says that, “She just wants to continue to grow and that she will do that by providing commitment and consistency to her clients and have a smile on her face while she does it.” To learn more about Carleigh Hofman and her business, click here.

#12 Mandie Hobbs

Mandie Hobbs is a real estate professional at TRG -The Residential Group Realty (, a boutique real estate brokerage based out of Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia. Mandie has worked in the real estate industry for 12+ years, establishing professional relationships and networks over the course of time. Her countless connections with tradesmen, brokers, inspectors, and lawyers have helped her tremendously along the way. Currently, she works with a very successful real estate team, Team Toffoli-Liaskas. Mandie and her team focus their energy on providing top of the line service to their clients while practicing integrity and passion for their work. Her work is mainly focused on helping clients with buying and selling residential real estate properties in the Greater Vancouver area. Mandie’s dedication to hard work and compelling commitment to her clients have earned her and her team the Top 10% of Realtors as well as voted Best Realtors in the Georgia Straight for several consecutive years. Throughout her career, Mandie has been faced with the many challenges of the real estate market, but the COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be the most difficult of them so far. Being able to adapt and navigate the ways in which she and her team can conduct business has definitely been challenging. However, with record low interest rates and an increase in demand, sales are at their all-time record breaking high. Working tirelessly to find innovative ways to develop her business while maintaining her impressive sales record has been a great opportunity for growth for Mandie. The pandemic has forced Mandie and her team to find new ways to market properties, which they have done through virtual tours and 3-D simulations. With so much success already under her belt, Mandie looks forward to expanding her career even further by continuing to establish valuable relationships with her clients and always ensuring they are receiving the greatest service possible. To learn more about Mandie Hobbs and The Residential Group Realty, click here.

#13 Andra Arnold

Andra Arnold is a Sales Representative at Coldwell Banker Neumann in Guelph, Ontario. Andra is an award winning Guelph Realtor with years of experience living and working in the Ontario area. She prides herself and her business on building valuable, long-lasting relationships with each and every client that steps foot in her office or reaches out to her. Living her mantra that everyone was put on Earth to serve others, Andra is dedicated to the philosophy of helping others create wealth and happiness through real estate. Her ability to connect with others and help people gives her the opportunity to assist others in one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. A wife and mother, Andra understands the emotional experience moving and buying a house can be, which helps her empathize with her clients as they make the transition. Andra has been in the Top 10 Coldwell Banker Canada Agents for the past 2 years and has won the Reader’s Choice Favorite Realtor Award the past 6 years. On top of her accomplishments, Andra is also very involved in her community, especially with charitable organizations, where she has donated and sponsored more than $100,000 to local charities. Her success was not built without hardships, which she considers opportunities for growth. Being able to emerge and build a name for herself in a competitive market was a challenge for her at the start, but was something she was passionate about doing. The COVID-19 pandemic has also proven to be a challenge for Andra and her team. Adapting to new technologies to help keep people safe during the pandemic has been something that Andra and her team had to do. An ever evolving industry with record low interest rates and increased demand has forced Andra to work tirelessly to continue serving her clients in the highest of standards. Moving forward, Andra is looking to continue building and supporting her team of professionals to be the best they can be. Growing her business by helping the community and continuously giving back is something that she holds near and dear to her heart, and is something that she will continue going forward. To learn more about Andra Arnold and Coldwell Banker in Guelph, Ontario, click here.

#14 Carolyn Glazier

Carolyn Glazier, co-founder of Capulet Properties at Angel Hasman & Associates, has lived and worked in her community for over 30 years. Based out of the Greater Vancouver area, Carolyn specializes in listings that range from the sandy beaches of White Rock to the rolling hills of South Langley. She represents buyers and sellers in the ultra-luxury market, and delivers a tailored concierge model accordingly. Through creative marketing campaigns and innovative technology, Capulet Properties’ luxury listings have established a global appeal – and become known to draw millions of views online.

Regardless of property size or type, Carolyn’s focus never shifts from the utmost comfort and privacy of her clients. She is a steadfast advocate for her buyers, and addresses their needs with her expertise, compassion and open communication. With an extensive background in business and real estate sales, as well as years of community connections, she is able to offer valuable insights to her clients. Service never ends with a final transaction; Carolyn strives to maintain ongoing communication with everyone she works with, and is grateful for the relationships that she has formed.

Known for these attributes, Carolyn has earned an outstanding reputation throughout White Rock, South Surrey, and South Langley. Her relationships with top-performing agents provide her with a vast network of colleagues, and the near-entirety of her volume comes from either referrals or repeat clients. These strong connections, alongside her warm accessibility and tireless service, certainly don’t go unnoticed. As one client explains, “[before] hiring her we asked a variety of business and personal associates who they would recommend and specifically Carolyn’s name was always at the top of people’s lists.”

Carolyn has an exciting plan for the future of Capulet Properties; her daughter, Sabrina, has recently joined her team, and will be working alongside her in the next phase of their brand. The two women will be continuing to form community connections and prioritize memorable clientele experiences as they work together to grow their family business. To learn more about Carolyn Glazier and Capulet Properties, click here.

#15 Joe Triumbari

Joe Triumbari is a Real Estate Professional at The JD Team, a real estate team based in Toronto, Canada. He is also the founder of Castlemore Capital Inc., a private finance consulting firm with more than $50 million in assets under management. What sets Joe apart from other realtors in the Toronto area is his expertise in finance as well as land development, which helps tie both of his careers together. Focusing on creating a smooth process for his clients and their needs, Joe has built an unstoppable reputation for himself as well as a broad network of clients in the area. His role as Partner at Castlemore Corp. allows him to pursue his interests in land development, such as currently creating a residential development out of a 100-acre parcel in Caledon, Ontario. Joe’s passion for real estate, finance, and land development has driven him to work tirelessly in order to build his career and help as many people as possible along the way. The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant challenges for individuals around the world and in Canada, resulting in many changes in the way industries conduct business. Joe states that in this current economic environment it is essential to have the right guidance. Being able to adapt to the times, and safely navigate one’s investments is more crucial than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity for Joe and his team with real estate continuing to be a stable investment in such difficult times. Capitalizing on these opportunities to sell are the driving force behind Joe and his team’s work going into 2021. That being said, Joe is showing no sign of slowing down. Moving forward, he is looking to expand his clientele base and grow his brand to reach as many people as possible. Continuing to establish a dominant online presence is essential for success in today’s times, and building long lasting relationships with his clients is his top priority. To learn more about Joe Triumbari and The JD Team Real Estate, click here.

#16 Dominique Mclntyre

Dominique Mclntyre is a REALTOR® with Ekort Realty Ltd which is a Real Estate Brokerage operating primarily in the areas of Hastings & PEC, Ontario. Dominique’s passion resides in the residential world. To her, nothing is more intimate than helping a person or her family invest in something so huge. Dominique feels her best when she helps clients achieve their goals, and all of the components that are encompassed within such goals. One thing that separates Dominique in the industry is that she thrives on being an information hub for curious Buyers and Sellers. She tries to provide as much information as possible, and that typically draws her clients in to do business. Being only a few years into her career, Dominique Mclntyre relies on referrals and natural leads from social media. She works around the clock to service her clients to the absolute highest standards and this dedication is reflected in her success and referrals from her clients. Dominique evaluates the real estate industry in 2020 as a challenging market for buyers competing this year with minimal inventory and high demands, but recognizes that many sellers have made serious money moves this year. One of the biggest obstacles Dominique has faced in business thus far has been starting off young but she quickly learned to use this to her advantage by focusing on consistently providing substantial information to first time buyers. Dominique is eternally grateful for every single one of her clients as well as anyone who has supported her journey. As for what is next for Dominique, she says the secret to evolution is to never give away your secrets but she does plan to grow and expand in the near future but those plans remain locked away for now. To learn more about Dominique Mclntyre and her future endeavors, click here.

#17 Gabriel Chahinian

Gabriel Chahinian is a Broker at The Diamond Realty Inc., Brokerage in Toronto, Canada. Gabriel graduated from St. Michael’s College School with Honours, and continued his education at The University of Toronto, achieving an Honours Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Political Science. His determination, drive, and passion for learning served him well in pursuing his dreams of working in the real estate industry. What sets Gabriel apart from other brokers in the industry is his fully digital approach to business. By making the process as seamless as possible for his clients, it gives both parties peace of mind as they work through even the most complicated transactions. His work is completely transparent, helping him build and establish trust with his clients, ensuring they are informed throughout the entire process. His style and effort has earned him a place in the Diamond Executive Club, and he was awarded the Diamond President’s Club Award for Year End Commissions. A good broker must be dynamic, and Gabriel has embodied that philosophy to its limits. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating challenges for almost every industry in Canada, Gabriel has used the low interest rates and high demand to his advantage. Being able to adapt to the change in how he can conduct business during the pandemic was crucial for his success throughout it, and Gabriel excelled. Stepping up and being versatile, Gabriel found great success even during a global pandemic. As the real estate market continues to grow, Gabriel is confident that competition will only get tougher and smarter, and he is looking forward to his personal growth and the growth of the industry in the decades to come. Moving forward, Gabriel is looking to achieve higher goals each year, as well as to accomplish personal goals that he has set since the beginning of his career. His goal for the next five years is to create a greater name for himself in Toronto and to own a brokerage in the community to serve a greater population. To learn more about Gabriel Chahinian and The Diamond Realty Inc., Brokerage, click here.

#18 Alan Calimbas

Alan Calimbas is the Founder of VANCITY 4 SALE which is a Real Estate business based out of Vancouver. Alan separates himself in the marketplace by working closely with his clients to achieve their goals through carefully crafted strategies, catered to their specific needs from beginning to end. Some of Alan’s biggest accomplishments thus far in his career has been the numerous ongoing relationships with a wide array of clientele. In just 4 short years in the business, he has personally sold just shy of $50 million in real estate transactions and well over $140 million in team sales, with the focus always being on the client goal objectives. Alan Calimbas evaluates the Real Estate Industry in 2020 and its future as optimistic due to the historically low interest rates and pent-up demand that have fueled the market. One of the biggest obstacles he has faced in the business world thus far has been his youthful appearance, but displaying the highest standards of professionalism and having the knowledge to back-up market insights have prevailed in his successful start in the industry. As for what is next for Alan and his company, he is continuously learning from the best in the industry, researching market trends, and focusing on new and innovative ways to stand out. To learn more about Alan Calimbas and his business VANCITY 4 SALE, click here.

#19 Sidra Subzwari

Sidra Subzwari is an industry leader in Vancouver, BC & surrounding areas, specializing in the waterfront community of White Rock, BC. Sidra exemplifies unwavering dedication to her clients as a trusted expert of high-end residential real estate. Her extraordinary level of service and professionalism, combined with her meticulous attention to detail, ensures client transactions progress seamlessly from start to finish. Sidra has been involved with over $150 million dollars in Real Estate transactions, which led her to become a top luxury agent in White Rock. She is an Award Winning agent at Angell Hasman & Associates, ‘Great Vancouver’s Premier Real Estate Agency.’ In 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic has created a unique market with select challenges. However, in our conversations with Sidra, she felt that the local market was strong as a result of the low interest rates in Canada, ultimately leading to more movement in the detached single family category. As the restrictions fade in the coming year(s), she expects further activity from international buyers, including Hong Kong, the USA, & more. When asked what her most challenging obstacle was when growing her business, Sidra shared that she had a tough time delegating tasks to team members initially as she was accustomed to doing them herself. Looking back, this has helped her scale her business and was the right move. “Team work makes the dream work.” Learn more about Sidra Subzwari and her future endeavors – including her new revolutionary project marketing division – click here.

#20 Devon Owen

Devon Owen is the founder of Devon Owen Personal Real Estate Corporation based out of Vancouver, BC., Canada. Devon is an established Realtor currently ranked in the top 3 percent of over 14,000 Realtors in Greater Vancouver. She has achieved Medallion Club status with the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver and Chairman’s Club status with her brokerage for the past 5 consecutive years. She has sold more than $160 million in properties over the past 36 months and is on track to sell another 30 homes in 2020. Devon Owen has extensive market knowledge and has built her business and database from the ground up with hard work, strategic networking, innovative marketing and a whole lot of passion. Devon continues to keep her finger on the pulse of the real estate market throughout these unprecedented times. Covid19 has resulted in many people reevaluating their housing needs. She’s moved many of her clients from city condos to single family homes and townhomes this year as the demand for more square footage and outdoor space continues. Devon remains optimistic on the future of Vancouver’s housing market and recognizes that record low interest rates, delayed immigration, limited supply and the desire to live in one of the world’s most beautiful cities will continue to drive demand. To follow along with the Devon Owen Personal Real Estate Corporation and learn more, click here.

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