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Yuriy Sachik

Yuriy Sachik

His experience working in different capacities in other brokerages as Business development manager and as a Broker of record are some of his accomplishments. His background from engineering and technology education shows his analytical mind qualities. His experience as mortgage agent in financial and mortgage industry is his big asset helping his clients make wise Real estate investment and financial decisions. He is very fluent in Russian and Hebrew.

Yuri has spent many years in real estate mastering house flipping. His well rounded knowledge of the market as well as what it is promising has given Yuri the ability to provide his clients with some of the best advice. Yuri truly is one of the best when it comes to finding the perfect investment for you. By constantly being updated with every single new listings he keeps on top of his game every day as well as being a father and loving husband. If you are ever wondering whether or not you can trust your investment into real estate, I highly suggest you give Yuri a call!

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